Your hospital pharmacy might be in the 340B program now, but if it’s not set up properly, you may be subject to manufacturer repayment or unfavorable HRSA Audit findings that put your program at risk. Many times, hospital pharmacies don’t have the resources to fix the problem or even identify it in the first place. Invite our team to join forces with you and you’ll be set up for success in no time.
CPS knows every angle of the 340B program. We’ll bring your staff up to speed quickly with high intensity training. We’ll identify where you need to go and prioritize tasks for recommended improvements right away. As we are busy optimizing your 340B program operations, we’ll give you quarterly updates along the way. You’ll feel the worry-free feeling of working with a true partner who knows the program better than anyone.
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) has the tools to provide guidance and support for development and implementation of an internal audit program in compliance with the requirements set forth under section 340B of the Public Health Service Act.
340B Assist Services
  • Meets HRSA standards
  • Backed by more than 25 years of 340B expertise
  • Provides internal audit services
  • Immediate on-site training
  • Maintains a constant state of readiness for future audits
Don’t guess. Know you’re set up for success with CPS.
... we include robust analytics so that you can be aware of how effective your investment really is.
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