340B program compliance is a necessity for hospital pharmacy success today. But managing its complexities takes time, resources and focus that can otherwise be spent on pharmacy operations. That’s why we created the Continuous Readiness Program. With it, you can successfully manage the 340B program and stay prepared for audits without costing your operation valuable talent and their time. What’s more, we’re with you every step of the way – through any audit and any challenge.
Industry Experts. Proven Results.
Ease of use:
  • A detailed DEA plan, prepared by experts with insight
  • A Joint Commission implementation checklist
  • A complete policies and procedures review with your team
  • An annual independent program audit
Should an audit happen, we have you covered, with:
  • On-Site support from industry-leading 340B experts
  • Corrective action plans
  • Guidance by pharmacy practice specialists
  • A specialized compliance program
How we help you stay successful:
  • We know the intricacies of the 340B program, having been involved since its inception
  • We provide multi-year ongoing support – not just a one-time consultation
  • We stay ahead of the curve, continually monitoring the latest regulatory guidance
  • We benchmark 340B performance across the industry
CPS’ 340B Continuous Readiness Program is not only a smart investment to make, you can’t afford not to.
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